With a decade of diverse professional experience, Naomi has a unique blend of skills in software engineering and education. Over the past five years, she has excelled as a Software Development Engineer at Adobe on the Globalization, Core Services team, spearheading internationalization and localization efforts for Adobe products. Naomi's expertise extends to both technical and educational realms, as she spent four years as a High School Teacher across Asia and Africa prior to software engineering.

Throughout her career, Naomi has showcased her commitment to knowledge-sharing and community engagement. She is a sought-after speaker at international software engineering conferences, an active contributor to open-source projects, and a passionate advocate for volunteering.

Naomi's global perspective is woven into the fabric of her diverse educational background, with experiences ranging from studying in New Zealand to teaching across Asia and West Africa. Currently rooted in her hometown of Seattle, she finds balance by enjoying weekends in the mountains, reflecting her appreciation for both technology and the great outdoors. Naomi's multifaceted background and demonstrated leadership make her a valuable asset to any team seeking a dynamic professional with a global mindset.

Awards & Articles

Adobe Tech Blog

Building in JavaScript with Internationalization (I18N) in Mind

DEV Article from CodeLand:Distributed

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Equality Impact Award

Nominee and Winner in 2019

Recorded Conference Talks

React Day Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Data Visualizations and Internationalization

Angular Connect, London, UK
Building Angular Apps with Internationalization (I18N) in Mind

Reactathon 2020
Internationalization in React

Data visualization and internationalization

JSworld 2021
Emoji Encoding

vueday 2020
Data Visualizations and Internationalization

JSNation Live 2020
Emoji Encoding, � Unicode, & Internationalization

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Codeland 2020
Emoji Encoding, Unicode, and Internationalization