Naomi works as a Software Development Engineer at Adobe in New York City, where she leads internationalization on her team. Before writing JavaScript full time, Naomi worked as a teacher in local classrooms across Asia and West Africa. She is passionate about developing with diversity, inclusion, and internationalization in mind, and enjoys hiking and riding bikes on the weekends.

Really excited, was recently nominated 🎉 and won this Equality Impact Award:


Upcoming talks in 2020:

t3chfest, Madrid, Spain
March 2020

Vue Day, Verona, Italy
April 2020

DevBreak, Bouville, France
June 2020

Recorded talks:

React Day Berlin, Berlin, Germany
December 2019
Data Visualizations and Internationalization

Angular Connect, London, UK
September 2019
Building Angular Apps with Internationalization (I18N) in Mind

React Week NYC, New York, NY
July 2019
Building React Apps with Internationalization (I18N) in Mind